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Celine Chouteau

Founder, Director

Meeting with the Director

Celine is a very dynamic, challenging Teacher and School Library Media Specialist certified by The City of Paris Public Libraries and the French Ministry of Education as a member of the Faculty with more than 29 years of experience. She completed her Basic and Advance Early Childhood Certificate at UCLA, in only one year.

Coming from Secondary School Education in Paris, she has also several years of experience with French and American classes in the United States (preschool and elementary schools), using French and/or English as language of instruction. She has been teaching Painting, Arts & Crafts, French traditional children’s rhymes and songs, gardening, storytelling, and French classes. She worked in collaboration with an American Ecology teacher, French Music and Art teachers… As a project leader, she also supervised an Environment and Film Project (music video) that involved collaboration with a team of classroom teachers.

With a Second major in Secondary Education with a concentration in Library Science, a Master’s Degree in Arts she completed at La Sorbonne, Paris, and, working for many years in Youth-service and school libraries, she has an excellent knowledge in children's Literature, Arts and adult Literature, and has been open to an encyclopedic knowledge, collaborative and directive skills while she is following the French Academic school curriculum (Preschool, Elementary, Junior and High school).

Since several years, she committed herself to become a specialist in developing information and documentation related to the Environment and Global Warming and sharing her knowledge and awareness with children. Gathering her many years of experiences, researches and personal involvement, she decided to be vegetarian and, as a next challenge, to create and develop a unique “green school and sustainable program” concept, including a multilingual learning setting.


We are the World!

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What we say about us...


"I could not have dreamed up a better school!! The children learn how to care for their environment and their community through hands on experiences like gardening, cooking, dancing, singing, language acquisition, group art projects and many other amazing activities! They are fed home cooked organic meals and are nurtured by every teacher on staff. I am thrilled with the school's individualized approach to dealing with altercations. Celine and the staff truly understand that not all children are the same and they do the best they can honor each child's unique qualities and methods of learning.             I LOVE this school.


Alyra B.


"Amazing school, we are so lucky to have our daughter there!"


Stephanie R.

"My grandson attends this wonderful school.  He now understands French, sings in Spanish and French, loves to garden, eats healthy, and loves going to school everyday.  Celine and her staff are absolutely wonderful in every respect.  I love to see the workbook that comes home at the end of the term full of precious drawings, learning experiences and photos.  They also are taught dance from different countries and put on a performance once a year.  I highly recommend Phoenix Global Green School if you are looking for a great learning experience and a safe place for your child."


Linda E.


"When I first visited Phenix Global Green School I immediately fell in love with the place. Everything, from the wooden furniture and toys, real plates and glasses that the children eat from, an incredibly healthy and delicious diet to the amazing multilingual program, appealed to me. The teachers are very friendly and approachable, it was obvious that they enjoy working at Celine's school and bring a lot of fun and a wealth of teaching experience to the program. I haven't found another school in LA that introduces pre-k kids to three languages. Having done my own research and spoken to a UCSB linguist, I can only applaud Celine for choosing the multilingual approach. It is incredibly beneficial for children of such young age to hear and speak different languages. In fact, it is the most efficient and successful way to have your child become fluent in one or several languages. I highly recommend the school."


Martina N.


'Fantastic preschool with a great set of teachers and a lovely learning environment for children. Highly recommend if you’re ready to send your little one off to school. The language exposure has been great for our daughter and she enjoys all the music, gardening and baking activities. Bonus: all meals and snacks are provided by the school.'

— Mark C.


'Excellent preschool care. Teachers, staff and director are all extremely engaged and our daughter is incredibly happy with her teachers and her friends! The playtime and curriculum balance really considers the needs of growing toddlers. We love the multi-lingual focus, our daughter sings songs in French, Spanish, and Mandarin. All the teachers are so welcoming and loving. Like all toddlers, our daughter had a tough time transitioning the first few months of group school and everyone was there to help her. Now she loves going everyday. I love the photo updates we receive throughout the day.'


Caroline C.

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