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Our Peaceful Gardens

Enter a World of Nature & Wonder


Our credo:

"Acting locally and Teaching with the awareness of a Global ecosystem".

Our Mission

The health of the Earth and the health of People are tightly interconnected.


At Phoenix Global Green School, our mission is to enhance our children's health and to develop, at their early ages, their capacity to act as real citizens within the society and their community, and to give them the opportunity to be directly involved in the protection and the improvement of our planet. 

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"The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

                                                                                                      ~Malcolm Forbes~


There is no place like ours

Valentine's Day craft

At PGGS, we are thrilled to help our children to develop their curiosity & creativity to become open-minded, self-confident future Citizens of the world.

Our School

   There is no place like a second home

Our establishment stands for a Unique Philosophy & Healthy Program, by offering to our children a Multilingual and Environmental Education & Literacy Program.


Our School feels "like at home" and is taking place in a Gorgeous & Green setting, in a 1905 Historic Preservation house with almost 9000 sqft lot and yards.


We offer a peaceful & various indoors space (3 different classrooms settings) as well as a huge backyard with 2 large outdoors classrooms contributing to nurture healthy minds and bodies, so that our children will be able to live a positive, productive and happy life.

A luxury & huge space for only two groups of children of about 12 children surrounded by a full team of International Teachers makes this Secret Garden/Oasis a real little gem!!

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One word to define us is "VARIETY"

Our Multilingual setting 

As a Multilingual school, our philosophy is to value all languages. At early ages, preserving and enhancing the native language is crucial, as our children need to keep developing English/First language and literacy. Foreign languages need to be introduced by immersion and progressively so that the children always feel beloved and understood. To be able to understand and enrich their vision of the world and the variety of people living on the same planet, we strongly believe our children need to be multilingual learners.

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