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January 2019

PGGS and Our Meditation Classes



For a few years and every month, Sally was teaching Meditation Classes for the huge benefits of our students!

We even had the chance of meeting a Meditation Fairy. 


January 2019

Meeting Our New Community



Once we moved in Highland Park, we visited our Very Friendly neighbors like Coco's Bakery, the Vintage Furniture Store and the Nursery Planta. 

last day October 2018

Field Trips in Elephant Hill



Every week for a few years, we were doing field trips to Elephant Hill! In November, we were ready to move to Highland Park. This was our LAST field trip into the wild!

Au Revoir Elephant Hills, we won't forget you and the lovely local Community of Collis Avenue!!


Bob Baker Marionette Theater



This year, for our Summer Camp, The Sound of Puppets, we invited the Bob Baker Marionette Theater at PGGS for the happiness of our children and families!!


Fire Station 12



This year, our Firemen came to visit us and we learned all the Safety measures to take in case of a fire!


French Author


PGGS had the pleasure to invite our students and families to participate to a bilingual French/English Reading Morning Tuesday 13th, at 9am with the authors Anne-Marie Martens and Marjorie Joys. We had a great time and were able to bring home the book The Twins Mia & Mateo with the authors' autographs!


Fresco Community Market



John, owner of Fresco Community Market invited us for lunch at Fresco. We had a great tour of the market including the walk-in refrigerators and the receiving dock.

We had a great time meeting all the kind team members.

Our Solar System

Nasa & Solar System



Jonathan who is a parent and working at Nasa JPL made 2 presentations throughout the year to our students. One was about the Solar System and the second was focusing on the launch of the next robot and last researches and discoveries of Nasa.

Fire Station



Visit of our close neighborhood, Highland Park, and of our Fire Station on Figueroa street. Little stop at Mouse Kitchen for vegan pancakes and fruit. Thank you Erica for welcoming us!!


California Science Center



Visit by Bus and Metro line of our California Science Center. Exhibits "Journey to Space" and "Endeavour Spaceship". Beside our journey to space, we had an incredible journey into the LA Public Transportation!!

Puppet Show



We received THE PUPPETS & PLAYERS LITTLE THEATRE who presented Puff the Magic Dragon. An amazing moment for our students & families!


« The only way to make a real and lasting impression in this world is to reach out to each child as an individual and help that child develop a sense of selfworth by exploring their own imagination». Laurie & Gil

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