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Enter a Global Green School

            "Our Four Pillars for a Healthy, Sustainable School "

A global green school

  • 95% from recycled, donations or second hand materials and supplies, provided by our local communities; which is reducing tremendously our footprint impact while developing relationships with the community participating to our green concept;

  • A safe & healthy environment: eco-friendly cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues...;

  • use of white vinegar, baking soda, lemon to clean up

  • Pure & Gentle Soap Co. who provides us recharges sachets for all the cleaning of the school indoors and outdoors from hands soap to laundry, dish, dishwasher soaps

  • using mostly recycled school material and eco-friendly paper


Healthy food & water

  • Nuvia Water System all throughout the house and gardens

  • Alkaline drinkable water for our students and teachers;

  • A green environment with a luxuriant garden;

  • Lots of Fruit trees

  • A vegetable & fruit garden continually growing;

  • Unmatched Organic & Vegetarian Food menus (Lunches & 2 Snacks) prepared & served daily;

  • A very well balanced healthy program with Cooking & baking classes, Discovery of the food

  • special Menus for any occasion by following seasons & Holidays and school year topic

  • promoting healthy habits

environmental literacy

  • An environmental education & literacy in the center of the children's education with a specialized library in sciences such as ecology, animals, flowers and gardening books...;

  • Composting, Worm Farm

  • promoting breathing exercices as well as time for relaxing, resting, yoga classes and

  • connect with our Body and Nature

  • developing basic hygiene awareness with saving water and using eco-friendly soaps and hands dryer machines

  • Teaching locally with the awareness of a global ecosystem; including ecology & gardening classes, composting, reusing, recycling, learning about the protection of your wildlife, while experiencing the love of working together, creating Organic Arts & Crafts,

  • Promoting outdoors activities; Huge playground

  • Promoting Sciences and Arts as a way to describe, explore and observe our nature;

Healthy environment

  • Encouraging carpool and families walking, taking their bike, scooter, to come to our school

  • a Neighborhood community as well as International with the same beliefs

  • Highland Park Metro Gold Line, Bus 256, 81, 83, Dash 

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